Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I Am a Happy Girl

I am at school and I have grown up. I must learn to be independent. When I was at home, my father, mother, and grandmother all still treat me as a little girl and give me anything I want and arranged everything very well for me. If some dishes is what I like to eat or I want to eat, my parents and my grandmother would make it for me or buy it for me at once. This summer holiday, I told my mother that I can’t eat fruits because they are too expensive and I am so mean, the result is that my mother bought apples, pears oranges and peaches everyday. The refrigerator is full of fruits and it seems like that the refrigerator is producing those delicious fruit. When I want to buy some new clothes, my mother even can give up her favorite TV series and company me to visit the shops one by one when it’s really scorching outside. Because I said I like “jiaozi” and “zongzi” the most in the world, my grandmother spent the whole day making them for me. You know it was very hot that and I can see my grandmother was sweating and she just quit her afternoon nap. Because I said I feel sick with the dishes within too much oil in them and it’s better that there was even no oil in them. The next time when my father cooked fried rice for my brother and me, he really put little oil in it. Yes, I like eating such food, but the fried rice with little oil is not the fried rice any more and that time my brother felt sick. Because I said incidentally that I would like to eat constant noodle, my brother bought me two bags with his own pocket money. I felt shameful that I always shout loudly to my dear brother and quarrel with my parents and my grandmother. What was I doing? How can I do such thongs? I am so selfish! When I eat what I like, I never thought that I should leave them some. I never thought about that, What I thought is just I must eat as much as I can and I will have no opportunity to eat so happily when I am at school. The gods know a child should be grateful and when she swallows those my parents or my grandmother had made them with so much sweat. How can I be such ungrateful! In fact that not only hurt them and it more get myself the bad result, and I have to eat the bad result by myself. You see now I am at school, and I miss home and my dear parents and my brother and my dear grandmother. What’s more, I have a bad temple now and I got fussy when I met just very little trouble. I can’t focus on things as easy and long as before. I have to say sorry to my family and I must adapt myself as before. I must be responsive with myself and I can’t indulge myself (it is really ridiculous) In other words, I must be responsive to the high standards best wishes on me. I promise I will never disappoint them and do everything I can do to make them live happily and enjoy rich and comfortable live.
From now I will never get mad at little things, because they are not worth me worrying about. What I focus on should be my future and my family’s future. What’s more, if one thing have happened and you can’t change it, I should not dwell on them and should try my best to develop it and get the best result.
I believe myself and my family will support me and believe me forever.