Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Foods of the World

1.Chinese Food
Chinese food varies by region. In northern China, Mongolian influences are evident especially in the use of the fire pot. Rice is not grown in the north, so noodles, soybeans and breads are used more often. In the mountainous regions to the west, spicy foods are more prevalent. These forms are Szechuan and Hunan. In the south, Cantonese styles prevail. Fresh fruit and seafood are popular. Steamed rice is an important part of Chinese food.

The Chinese believe that food can affect one's health. Eating the proper food can help prevent disease as well as heal. In Cantonese cooking, it is important that yin and yang foods and cooking methods are used in balance. By taking into consideration factors such as the individual's age, digestive system, absorbing power, and metabolism, optimal health is achieved. Foods also symbolize different things. For example, clams represent wealth and prosperity.

2..German Food

Schmierkuchen is a German-Bohemian cottage cheese cake. Using sugar, flour, shortening, and yeast, a pie crust is created and allowed to rise. The dough is then rolled flat and placed inside a pie plate, again being left to rise. When the crust is double in size, a mixture of cottage cheese and butter is placed in the crust and a garnish of fruit is smeared on top. Most often the fruit of choice is prunes that have been pitted, mashed, and sweetened to taste. The cheesecake is then baked until it is golden brown and served with many summer meals.


A dish known as "sour cabbage" probably does not sound appetizing, but many Germans and German-Americans find it rather enjoyable. To make sauerkraut, one thinly shreds cabbage which is then mixed with salt and placed into a large container (barrels were used originally). The container is covered with cheesecloth or muslin, then with a heavy lid to ensure that the cabbage is not exposed to the air. The cabbage should be left to ferment in its own juices for 3 to 6 weeks, although brine may need to be added if it is starting to dry out.

After it has fermented for several weeks, the sauerkraut is then ready to be eaten. It is simmered on the stove and is often prepared with sausage or pork and accompanied by dumplings.

3..Indian Food
Spices are an important part of cooking in India. Common spices are turmeric, cardamon, ginger, coriander, nutmeg and poppy seed, which are blended together. Vegetable dishes are more common in India than in Europe. Part of the reason for this is the influence of Hinduism. Hindus are traditionally vegetarian. Muslims have influenced the meat dishes of India. Typical meats are "Mughlai food, kabobs, rich Kormas (curries) and nargisi koftas (meat-balls), the biryani (a layered rice and meat preparation), rogan josh, and preparations from the clay oven or tandoor like tandoori rotis and andoori chicken" 2

Differences exist between the south and north parts of India. Vegetable dishes are more common in the south, and rice is the staple food. In the north, rice is often substituted by breads.

4..Japanese Food
Japanese food emphasizes pure, clean flavors, and spices are used rarely. Due to influences from Buddhism, meals are made up of foods with five different colors and flavors. The five flavors included are sweet, spicy, salty, bitter and sour. The five colors included are yellow, black, white, green, and red. Meals are also meant to balance and create harmony between the artistic presentation of the food, the selection of the serving piece, and the taste of the food itself. Meals are to be eaten slowly. Noodles in soups and salads are common for lunch. Hashi, or chopsticks are used to eat food in Japan.

Some traditional Japanese foods are, sushi, steamed vegetables, rice and green tea. Fugu is a poisonous puffer fish that is a delicacy. When properly prepared, the toxins in fugu create a tingling effect after being eaten. Foods are also prepared seasonally. In winter, mandarin oranges are common. Cherry-blossom rice is prepared during spring and in September, abalone, cucumbers, and bamboo shoots are made.

5.Italian Food
Typical foods vary by region in Italy. There are geographical and climatic differences throughout Italy that result in different products being available to cook with. Italy has mountainous regions and plains. Temperature also varies greatly, some regions are among the coldest in Italy while others have mild climates along the Mediterranean. Pasta is typical in both areas, but the way the pasta is prepared varies. In the north, eggs are used when making the pasta, while in the south they are not. Also, including meats in the meal is more common in the north as the plains allow for farming and keeping animals. The temperature in the south allows for the production of olives and tomatoes and these items are more common in the south. Cheese is also very important to Italian cooking. Parmesan cheese has a long history of popularity in Italy.

6.Mexican Food
Mexican Food originated from the combination of the foods of indigenous Mexican people with Spanish foods. Chiles and tortillas are important to Mexican food. Chiles are used for seasoning and numerous varieties exist. Chiles come in a variety of forms: red, black, green and yellow, and fresh, dried or tinned. Tortillas are made from corn or wheat and are often used as eating utensils. Food is scooped onto the tortillas and then eaten. Most of the dishes that people think of as Mexican are antojitos. Antojitos include enchiladas, tacos, tamales, quesadillas, chalupas, and tostadas that evolved directly from the original Indian cooking.

7..Islamic Food
Muslims follow dietary laws that are similar to Jewish kosher regulations. Foods that Muslims can eat are called Halal. Prohibited foods are called Haram and questionable foods are called Mashbooh. Swine and pork products, as well as meat not properly slaughtered or slaughtered in any name other than Allah are Haram. Carnivorous animals and birds or prey are also Haram. Haram animals include pig, dog, donkey, carnivores, monkeys, cats, lions, frogs, crocodiles, turtles, worms, flies, cockroaches, owls, and eagles. Alcohol, coffee, tea and other drugs are Haram. Halal foods that have become contaminated by contact with prohibited foods are also Haram.

Fasting is also important. Fasting is a way to earn the approval of Allah, wipe out previous sins and understand the suffering of the poor. Fasting is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan and voluntary fasting on Mondays and Thursdays is also common. Muslims are encouraged to only eat to two thirds of capacity.
8.Ethiopian Food
Ethiopia is a mountainous country. This has helped keep it isolated. The food of Ethiopia is therefore uniquely Ethiopian. Ethiopian food is characterized by the spices used. However, grains such as sorghum, millet, teff, and wheat grow well in the temperate climate, and honey is commonly used. Berbere is an essential ingredient in Ethiopian cooking. It is a red paste made of spices and herbs. Flavored butter called niter kebbeh is also important. Niter kebbeh is flavored with onions, garlic, ginger and spices. Wat, or stew is an important traditional Ethiopian food. It can be made with chicken, beef, fish, or be vegetarian. It contains paprika and is very spicy. Wat is eaten with injera, an Ethiopian flatbread made from teff. Coffee is also important in Ethiopia. Ethiopians say it originated in the highlands of Kaffa in southwestern Ethiopia.

where is my dream

I remember once my psychoanalysis teacher told us that your language could never tell the most truly feeling in your heart.
He has the reason! Just like now, I feel my heart is filled with something complex, I’m so willing to write them down, but unfortunately, I can’t, I just have no words to express them.
Yesterday, I’ve had an interview, which is quite important for me, with KENZO, my favorite brand in the fashion world, a big “Maison créateur de Luxe”. For better preparing my dossier for this interview, I have worked for it during a whole week without any break: from choosing the best materials in the Marché Saint Pierre, to calling all my friends who are in Lyon to send me some textile samples; from buying the color pencils and power-paste and papers to finding out the inspirations from all my fashion magazines… my whole Christmas and new year’s day were filled with hurry and worry attitude. But suddenly, it’s finished! The long preparation, the long waiting before the interview, has been changed by an hour’s discussion in the big and clear office of KENZO, it’s already not bad! Than, still a long waiting, more than 15 days…
I just don’t know why I’m always so busy, so tired, but I never know which way is in front of me. No pay, no gain, but for me, I have paid all, where is the gain?
Perhaps, I have to be more optimists. Anyway, it’s the life, and we all have to smile to our life everyday, even if face with some difficult situations. Everyday is new!
Sometimes, we have dreams, and sometimes we forget them. Maybe it’s better to neglect them, and than, we’ll be happier. But there are somebody, like me, can never forget them, they are just so deeply carved in my memory, that I can’t live a day without thinking of them.
So my life is always with a side melancholic. But that doesn’t bother me, and I know my life will be ended if I live without these dreams. Thanks to these dreams, I have still the power of life!

Ideas of saw

Yesterday, I saw a movie named saw. To tell the truth, I didn’t understand it very well. This movie is famous for its scared scenes and thrill stories. It turns out absolutely true. The reason I watched it is that I accidentally read an article about its content and plot which is out of everybody’s expectation. That article is excellent, which told me the reason why it got success though it was only directed by a green director and with small budget. However it affects my understanding about it and the author’s opinion have a root on mine. Anyway, to this film, I still have my own ideas.
The people in it are all forced to do some incredible, terrible, cruel and crazy things. A man, for example, have to run through a narrow passage, on both walls of which is bestrewed with wires. In other words, stepping one step into this passage, you will surely be pricked, and very deeply, even into your stomach. But if you don’t go, the door of this passage will be closed in three minutes. The man chose the former, and he died. When his body is found, the police felt sick about the sight they saw: the man died standing in the “forest of wires” with many wires in his body; blood can be seen all the way he had coved; his gastric juice also outflows onto the floor, and his face was full of frighten and desperation which looked like a monster. The situation of another man was not better than him. When he woke up, he found himself in a black room. A voice told him he must find the key in the limited time with only a small candle and he must be careful with the fire, because his body was covered with some material which can easily explore once he touched fire.
When his body was found he had been a coal with the same scared and monster-like expression on his face. A girl, found herself locked in a strange and terrible room as well. She was locked in a chair with a mask on her head made by iron. The video in front of her told her that she must get the key to her mask in three minutes, or the mask will break her head into two pieces. And the key was in the stomach of a man who is in the same room. The moment she heard that the game is beginning, she lost her mind at once, as crazy as a monster. After she broke out of the lock of the chair, she tried to break the mask by herself at once, but failed. The she found that man lying on the floor, conscious but cannot move, and a knife besides him. She hesitated for a while and use the knife to cut open that man’s belly, fished out his viscus and got the key. She was the only survivor, but she had died. The moment she killed her company and scratched the viscus, she had lost her certification to be a human being. In her future life, she will never live like a person, and only lived in a different world, in which there are continuous nightmares and terrible memories about what had happened. I can say, she preferred death to live like this.
The three stories is presented to us by a doctor’s recalling, who was also locked in a dirty, scared room with another gay, in other words, he faced a same game as that three gays did. Those thrill things was only called “game”. Because they are directed by a man, a man who cannot be called a man, and I think the devil is kinder than him. He arranged those things and made different “rules” for different person. Whatever the rules are, the person in this game has only one result-die. The doctor as well as others didn’t know who had done this. The moment they opened their eyes, they were locked in a room, alone or together with others. The devil who planed this left them a video, a tip or a video tape, which told them how they can get the out of this room. That monster was just sitting somewhere in front of a TV, through which he can watch clearly what his “toys” were doing and how his game was going.
Strangely all things seemed to go as he planed. Maybe it’s because his plan was perfect, and he understands the nature of human beings thoroughly. People in his plan will totally lose their minds and never be a man. For instance, the doctor who recalled that three stories was calm at first, then he got crazy when he heard from the phone that his wife and daughter were in great danger and maybe die. At last he sawed his foot locked by a chin with the saw offered by that monster himself. Can you imagine that a man saw his own foot in person! After doing this, his face was as pale as a white sheet for losing a lot of blood and used a gun to kill his companion as the devil ordered. The “devil” won again.
The sights shown in this movie are disgusting. No wander the advertise of this film claimed that “challenge the limit of your psychology”. Here I cannot show you it vividly by words. You can experience it when you watch it personally.
The end of this story shocks me as well. Many thrills do have horrible plot or sights, but they all give the audience a good result: the victim is survived, the good persons succeed or the devil was shot or arrested. Out of my expectation, the man, being thought as that “devil”, who was killed was not the “devil”. And in fact, that man was also a toy in these games. The real devil was the “dead man” lying in the room together with the doctor. At the end of this film, and also at the end of his game, he stood up from the pool of blood, tore the mask off his face, walked out of this room, and closed the door, said to the man locked in the room “game is over!” And the movie is over. You see the devil is still alive, how can “the game is over”?
My friends, try it---saw. Of course, you make sure you have such courage.

I Am a Happy Girl

I am at school and I have grown up. I must learn to be independent. When I was at home, my father, mother, and grandmother all still treat me as a little girl and give me anything I want and arranged everything very well for me. If some dishes is what I like to eat or I want to eat, my parents and my grandmother would make it for me or buy it for me at once. This summer holiday, I told my mother that I can’t eat fruits because they are too expensive and I am so mean, the result is that my mother bought apples, pears oranges and peaches everyday. The refrigerator is full of fruits and it seems like that the refrigerator is producing those delicious fruit. When I want to buy some new clothes, my mother even can give up her favorite TV series and company me to visit the shops one by one when it’s really scorching outside. Because I said I like “jiaozi” and “zongzi” the most in the world, my grandmother spent the whole day making them for me. You know it was very hot that and I can see my grandmother was sweating and she just quit her afternoon nap. Because I said I feel sick with the dishes within too much oil in them and it’s better that there was even no oil in them. The next time when my father cooked fried rice for my brother and me, he really put little oil in it. Yes, I like eating such food, but the fried rice with little oil is not the fried rice any more and that time my brother felt sick. Because I said incidentally that I would like to eat constant noodle, my brother bought me two bags with his own pocket money. I felt shameful that I always shout loudly to my dear brother and quarrel with my parents and my grandmother. What was I doing? How can I do such thongs? I am so selfish! When I eat what I like, I never thought that I should leave them some. I never thought about that, What I thought is just I must eat as much as I can and I will have no opportunity to eat so happily when I am at school. The gods know a child should be grateful and when she swallows those my parents or my grandmother had made them with so much sweat. How can I be such ungrateful! In fact that not only hurt them and it more get myself the bad result, and I have to eat the bad result by myself. You see now I am at school, and I miss home and my dear parents and my brother and my dear grandmother. What’s more, I have a bad temple now and I got fussy when I met just very little trouble. I can’t focus on things as easy and long as before. I have to say sorry to my family and I must adapt myself as before. I must be responsive with myself and I can’t indulge myself (it is really ridiculous) In other words, I must be responsive to the high standards best wishes on me. I promise I will never disappoint them and do everything I can do to make them live happily and enjoy rich and comfortable live.
From now I will never get mad at little things, because they are not worth me worrying about. What I focus on should be my future and my family’s future. What’s more, if one thing have happened and you can’t change it, I should not dwell on them and should try my best to develop it and get the best result.
I believe myself and my family will support me and believe me forever.